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Mary  Funnell 

​​ Please continue to look at my website.

It will answer some of the questions you may have, but if you have more specific questions, please email me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

​​​​​​Harbour Light Counselling

Hello my name is Mary, a counsellor working in Houghton Regis. How are you today. Are you feeling low in mood, stressed, anxious or confused. Have you suffered a bereavement. Do you have relationship issues. I help people gain better understanding of their feelings and make choices in moving away from pain. 

Can talking to a counsellor really help?

Talking to a trained professional can enable you to express the feelings and issues causing you distress and this can also give you further clarity. Working together we can enable you to make choices and work for effective change. Your values, personal resources and your own chosen goals and desires for change remain central to the way I work. I am passionate about how counselling works and am happy to explore those difficult emotions with you. 

Making the first step can take courage but it can change your life if you make that step. Talk to me, counselling in South Bedfordshire.  Telephone no. 07757354510

Currently working on zoom, whats app and phone due to Covid - 19