Frequently asked questions

*How much will it cost?

Sessions cost £30 for 50 minutes.

I do reserve a few spaces for clients on benefits/students or those on low incomes, and this will be at a reduced rate. 

*How long is a session

Each session is 50 minutes long. This will usually take place at the same day and time each week. 

​*How many sessions will I need

Each client and situation is different. Our initial appointment will give us the opportunity to work together to decide how many sessions will be beneficial to you. 

*Is asking for counselling easy

It may take some courage to ask for help. Some people may feel they are failing, being silly or should be able to cope. However making the decision to ask for help is the first step in enabling you to take a positive decision in changing your future. 

*Why the harbour light counselling name

​For me the image of a ship scarred by journeys on  the vast ocean returning to a safe harbour. Together we can  enable the ship to refuel, mend and then return to the ocean. This image for me is what counselling means.